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Have your own line of cosmetics with a solid company that delivers more than personalized cosmetics, we help your brand to grow in the beauty market.

10 reasons to outsource its cosmetic line

With more then 15 years of history, Crystalise consolidates itself on the international cosmetic outsourcing market, we follow the most rigorous demands to offer always the best solution, either on research or on the development of exclusive formulas.

Besides the expertise constructed along the years, Crystalise has specialized itself on the attendance and support to new clients that wishes to launch its own cosmetic line. To ensure that your investment has greater chances of achieving success, our team of professionals in research, development, market and communication join forces to deliver the best support and advice to you and your brand. Understand a little more about how we can help you in the manufacturing and outsourcing of cosmetics:

1 – Do you want to have your own cosmetic line?
The first thing that needs to take in consideration is the certification and quality of the products that wishes to produce. Relying on a company that offers support in all the stages of creation of its brand is of fundamental importance to guarantee the success. Crystalise is a cosmetic industry market leader, with more then 15 years of trajectory on the production and outsourcing of international cosmetics. Here it is possible to develop your brand with security and quality guarantee.


2 – Do you already have idea of the products you want?
We manufacture your cosmetic line in small, medium or large quantity, developing since the formula until the support on the packaging choice, logo and labels, in order you can start your business without major worries.


3 – The products produced by Crystalise, are they registered with ANVISA?
Rest assured, all our cosmetic production follows rigorously the rules stipulated by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and your product already leaves the factory duly registered.


4 – Do you want to create your own cosmetic brand, but you don’t know where to start?
This is not a problem for us, we count with a team of highly qualified professionals on the technical, marketing and communication areas. All this expertise will help you on the creation and elaboration of your own cosmetic brand. Ensuring support on:
– Elaboration of the desired cosmetic line
– Quantity of products needed to start your business
– Choice of packaging
– Labelling
– Specialized technical support
– Marketing advice for the start of the new business
– Monitoring and support in the development of your business plan


5 – From what quantity can I produce?
We know that the challenge of launching a brand is a task that needs a lot of attention, study and research. For this reason Crystalise has adjusted itself to the market need and produces products from 50 kilos. Giving you the opportunity to start your business with low investment and greater security.


6 – I want to create my own formula, is it possible?
Since the beginning Crystalise is moved by the need of change and be attentive to the demands of the national and international beauty market is one of our main concerns. For this reason, if you have a specific formula or identified a market need, our technicians are prepared to research and develop formulas that meet each specific need.


7 – I want to create my cosmetic line, but I don’t know which name, packaging or label to use?
With the strengthening of the growing beauty market in 2018, the doors open to brands that deliver quality and understand the need of their specific audience, thinking about this Crystalise has an internal communication and marketing agency that helps since the choice of packaging, colors, labels and slogan to be used. All this care ensures that your brand grows and wins market.


8 – I want to create my cosmetic brand, but I don’t know if I start with the physical store or internet sales?
According to the Beauty and Personal Care Research made by Euromonitor International, a global provider of strategic market intelligence, points out that until 2020 the Brazilian beauty market will grow 14,3%, being an average of nearly 3% per year. To analyze this information and understand which is the best way is our main objective, going according to each business model.


9 – I already have a limited budget and brand identity, but I don’t know which segment to start with?
This doesn’t need to be a problem, Crystalise counts with a dedicated team on Market Research Reports, responsible for collecting market information for companies of all sizes. Researching and analyzing business trends and how the consumer behaves in various sectors will make all the difference at the time of launching your brand.


10 – I already know what I want, but I have doubts about how much to charge for my products?
The beauty market has been growing rapidly since 2016, with the prospect of strength until 2020 according to a survey conducted by the Brazilian Association of Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry (ABIHPEC), so it is natural that there is competition. Much more important than your competitor is the value that your brand or company generates for your public, having a strategic positioning makes your brand grow in credibility without having to fight for low prices. Our pricing consultancy will work together with you in case of need.