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Who wants to work or is already inserted on the beauty market, knows how important it is to count always with complete lines, either professional or for daily use. Understand companies on the development of guaranteed quality products.





Much more than just cleaning hair, its actives are developed to meet each need, ranging from hydration, to day-to-day, repairing, post-chemical, as well as to aid chemical procedures that require a deep cleaning.





A necessary complement that is developed to meet each specific type of need: untangle, help in closing the hair cuticles, hydration, repair, post-chemical, without parabens or for blonde hair with hue effect.





Essential products for the continuity of the treatment and care with the threads throughout the day, without rinsing that complements the desired result. Its formulation goes according to each need, whether for thick, thin or dry hair.





Ensuring the protection of the wires during the day while recovering the capillary fiber, are important differentials that must be taken into account when choosing the ideal finisher to compose your line. Whatever the purpose, for soft, strong and shiny hair we produce with guarantee of result.





One more indispensable complement for a line that wants to be complete and meet the needs of each moment of its customers. Indicated to repair, post-chemical, hydration, either in the form of a mask or ampoules we produce the ideal treatment for each need.





Necessary option to compose complete lines, the hair curlers help in the creation of incredible hairstyles, either in the form of Curl Activator or Ointment for male hair. Hair professionals love being able to count on a product that exactly meets their needs.





Having a good Progressive Brush brand performance is essential for beauty professionals. To do at home or in the salon, whether organic, with argan oil, without formaldehyde, capillary botox, the result that your brand well treated hair, we produce.





Women love to change the look and results, decisive factors when choosing a new product. Elaborate formulas to improve the appearance of white, yellowish or gray hair, is our specialty.