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With more than 15 years of experience in the beauty ands out for its commitment to always offer the best result when it comes to producing its own cosmetic line. Our history with the outsourcing of cosmetics is written through overcoming and constant search for improvements and enhancements, which makes our company, one of the market leading cosmetics industry in Brazil.





The Vitality of youth
Madelaine, CEO and founder of the company, 13 years old, enters the world of beauty having its holding as a manicurist, making the fingernails of friends and neighbors in the neighborhood where she lived. She began her passion for the beauty market.




Expanding the possibilities
With the achievement of the first diploma as a beauty professional, Madelaine enters the beauty market as a professional, seeking to study combinations of products that ensure the desired result by their customers.




Creating preference
A few years later, Madelaine became a hairdresser with a strong presence in the market and opened her own beauty salon. Offering her clients exclusive and directed treatments for each need, with combinations that she herself elaborated.




Analyzing possibilities
The first progressive brush is introduced in Brazil, the famous “Japanese Brush” or as it was popularly known, “Definitive Brush”, but the product was available for few due to its high cost. It was then that Madelaine started to study the formula, researching actives and working on the production of handmade cosmetics to develop a quality and accessible product.




Quality that the market approves
Madelaine creates her first handcrafted progressive brush. Immediate success, the orders were so many and in a short time it was no longer possible to meet them, such was her demand, receiving proposals from 2 companies in the industry at the time.




Believing in the possibilities
Crystalise is officially born, launching in the market the Intelligent Hair Treatment, its first product.




Identifying opportunities
The famous Moroccan Brush is launched, a real success and sales leader.




Surprising result
Crystalise Cosmeticos consolidates itself as one of the pioneer companies on cosmetics outsourcing in Brazil.




Speaking clearly
With an actuation each time greater on the outsourced cosmetics market, Madelaine takes the initiative of remodeling the company’s communication, turning its image new and more in tune with the market need.




The possibilities only increase
Madelaine earned her diploma in chemistry and started to work closer to the creation and development of products.




To the top and forward
It is made the first great investment on technologies to improve the quality and agility of the cosmetics produced by Crystalise.




Shared success
Again Crystalise goes through a new remodeling to attend the microentrepreneur which seeks to create its own cosmetic brand. From this date, besides producing high quality cosmetics, we also offer support on the development and creation of the partner companies.